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Having registration by using computer (database) than can simply the registration services probably provided by effectiveness and in easily.




To make sure that registration activities are successful less than two weeks.


The Goals and Target of BPRA


To complete correction of the registration systems and rules governing registration including strengthening the management of the assets of the creative industry.
To develop and strengthen the Secretariat interact and educate the community about the activities of the Office of the Registrar General.
To implement changes in the system of registration
To strengthen the office of the Registrar of births and deaths operationally in the service delivery effectively.

What the Organization does.


Office of the Registrar General of the Government deals with registration activities in accordance with the laws governing different types of registration. Activities managed by the Office of the Registrar General Government includes registration of Commercial entities, innovative property documents, and the registration different documents concerning with citizens and visitors who do their activities on the Islands of Zanzibar, including marriage and divorce.

Clienteles of Zanzibar Registrar General Office.

Individual citizen,
Private and Public Companies,
Government Institution,
NGO's and other customer.